Intimate Table Setting with the Sweetbriar Collection

In partnership with MacKenzie-Childs for their launch of the Sweetbriar Collection. 
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As I set this table with the MacKenzie-Childs new all white (a nod to the brides out there) collection Sweetbriar, I was flooded with memories of my own wedding day and other intimate, special occasions I've shared with the ones I love. 

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A celebratory table set for six for the ones I hold so dearly in my life - it seems simple enough. Its more than that though. It is a table that has shared many memories, lots of laughs, and even some tears. 

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The table has always been a gathering place that means a lot to me. Growing up in a close-knit Italian family, there wasn't much left at the dinner table in terms of family discussion, prayers, and quality time spent focused on each other - not a cell phone in sight. One of my favorite meals was when I introduced my then boyfriend (later husband) to my parents and he had never seen an artichoke before and then proceeded to put the entire leaf in his mouth and chew it to be polite. We all got a good laugh.

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But there has been sad dinners too when someone was missing and their empty chair sat in the room like a large cloud that couldn't be moved. And there have been lonely dinners as a new mom with a husband working in the military and gone too many days of the year to even keep track.

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Every time I set a table for a special occasion or special dinner - I am reminded of the meals we've shared together here. I am reminded of the good times and of the difficult times too. I can almost smell the meals that my grandmother would slave over, or hear the chimes of our glasses as we cheered during happier times, I can recall the meals where our napkins dried our eyes more than the corners of our mouths. The table is special. It's part of the heart of the home. Where simple dinners become lasting memories and the stories of our lives.

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So why is that we have special occasion plates and flatware and glasses? Why not use our every day dishes? It's not about the dishes - it's about the memories you share over those plates and the celebratory drinks you share. It's the reminder that every moment that is worth celebrating is so very special. Those memories will not fade and their importance will only grow in your heart. We use these special plates to take us back to the good (and some not so good) days of our past - the ones we will share with our children and their children some day. Many years from now, I will pass on these plates and the glasses and the gold plated flatware to my daughter and we will hopefully have many wonderful memories to reminisce over as we do. 

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We will surely have many more milestones to celebrate in the years to come. We will feel a sense of nostalgia when we use our Sweetbriar plates and honor the memories we made while using them. 

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We invest in plates that will survive a lifetime of important dinners. We invest in glassware that will prove our lives were always half full, never empty, and at the luckiest of times - our cups runneth over. 

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We share countless meals with the ones we love all the time. But there are those special times when the fiesta dishes just won't cut it. You will pull out your finest porcelain and you will be flooded with the memories they carry. 

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If you haven't started a collection of special occasion dishes for the daughter or future daughter in law in your life, I encourage you to start with Sweetbriar. These beautiful dishes are made to last a few generations and will carry on all the special memories you make with these plates. 

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Memories of family recipes baking in the kitchen. Memories of anniversary dinners. Birthday cakes. And many more intimate and celebratory occasions that will surely pop up in your lifetime. 

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One thing my mother has always said is "dress the table like you're setting a place for Jesus". She means put your best foot forward. Wear the fancy dress. Use the fancy china. Celebrate when you can and come together as a family when your family needs you. It means giving people the best version of yourself. And for me and this table, and when I have family come gather around it, it means using my best dishes: the Sweetbriar collection. 

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Light your nice candles. Make a fancy cake. Enjoy life because at a moments notice, it can be taken away from you. 

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I hope you feel inspired to make some special memories at your table soon. Maybe consider starting a collection like this one that will get passed down to someone you love dearly. 

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Thank you for visiting with me today and if you've read all my copy, you are an angel! I know I can be a little wordy! ;)

If you have questions for me, please leave a comment below and be sure to check out all the sources below this photo. 

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A special thank you to Katya from Katya Paperie who handmade the white flowers to perfectly match the Sweetbriar water glasses. Her attention to detail and passion shines through her beautiful craft. 

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