Outdoor Oasis with Joss & Main

Hello all! I am excited to share my outdoor space with you that I created with Joss & Main. This post includes affiliate links so when you shop them - it helps me out FYI :). I also partnered with MacKenzie-Childs to show you some fun ways to add a little whimsy to your backyard space.

Black and White Pergola Patio-25.jpg


I'm gonna share this post a little different than I usually do. Below, you'll find the gallery of all the photos I took of this space and then I'll go into more detail as you scroll! Feel free to click on an image to zoom in! 


Black and White Pergola Patio-18.jpg

I can't tell you enough how much I love using this space and spending time out here. It's truly been an oasis for me. From morning devotions to late night s'mores, this patio sees a lot of me!

Whenever I want a little privacy, I can use these sheers to close off this space with the tension rods. I found these extra long tension rods from Joss & Main and they work perfectly in the pergola. 

I started the patio makeover with this gorgeous pergola from Joss & Main. It was incredibly easy to build and it makes the space extra inviting and beautiful! The pergola is a great price and it ships right to your door in 3 boxes. Plus, I put it up in one day! 

The prize for me was adding this beautiful 3 set patio piece from Joss & Main. I've been searching for a set like this forever and this one is simply perfect!

Black and White Pergola Patio-49.jpg

This is a sweet space for me and the kids to bring out our favorite mid day snack and escape the heat a little. 

Black and White Pergola Patio-24.jpg

The kids have especially found this space to be fun and magical when the birds come to visit. 

Black and White Pergola Patio-9.jpg
Black and White Pergola Patio-11.jpg

The sun sets right past the hill behind our home and it warms up the patio just in time for a post-dinner getaway. I wanted to tie in the greens from the surrounding area in our neighborhood so I brought in a mix of faux and real plants. These are the faux plants I found from Joss & Main that help make this space seem extra lush and pretty!

Black and White Pergola Patio-20.jpg

Nothing better than enjoying a summer sunset in a space that brings you joy. 

Black and White Pergola Patio-42.jpg
Black and White Pergola Patio-3.jpg
Black and White Pergola Patio-5.jpg

I love how the planters I got from MacKenzie-Childs add in some new texture and warmth. These resin pots are made to look like terra-cotta with the signature MKC look and style. They are very light weight and beautiful pots to fill with your favorite flowers or plants. 

Black and White Pergola Patio-50.jpg
Black and White Pergola Patio-16.jpg

Another planter I couldn't resist; this sweet little rooster (MacKenzie-Childs) shows off one of my favorite flowers orchids. I recommend keeping this little guy indoors but he was too pretty not to sneak in for a picture! 

Shop these MacKenzie-Childs pieces here:

I keep a watering can near by for all the pots so I don't need to run the hose over. This sweet vessel is from MacKenzie-Childs.

Black and White Pergola Patio-38.jpg

Certainly not to be dismissed and forgotten is the most whimsical piece on the patio: the birdhouse chandelier from MacKenzie-Childs. I've dreamed of having this piece for so long and I can't believe it's here! My daughter is patiently waiting for birds to claim it but it hasn't happened yet. 

Black and White Pergola Patio-32.jpg
Black and White Pergola Patio-34.jpg

Shop my MacKenzie-Childs collection pieces here:

I hope you like this space as much as we do! It's been a really fun and easy summer project for us. If you want to get a space just like this on for your own backyard, check out all the links below! Thanks for stopping by! 

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