Organizing my Home Office

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HomeGoods home office

I needed a good kick in the butt! 

Before Desk

No, hear me out. My desk and my workspace was such a mess for so long. When HomeGoods reached out and asked that I join in on an "organization" tour, I knew what had to be done. I needed to tackle my home office {insert scared face}.

We had this little desk in the corner of our guest room and it wasn't a space I wanted to be. So you can see that I would pile up things I needed to go through and then close the door and walk away! Truly, it was a disaster. 

I feel like my home office was the equivalent to Monica's closet from Friends. But I am here to tell you, that I have changed my ways and I am now.....drumroll, please...... ORGANIZED!

HomeGoods home office in living room

I went off to our local HomeGoods in Lynnwood, WA and I didn't quite know what I wanted to find. I was hoping to revamp my home office and knew they had wonderful selection of organizational containers, desk accessories, and furniture. 

HomeGoods home office

When spotted this velvet, tufted, and nailhead trimmed chair, I knew it was calling my name. Now imagine me in slow-motion running and tackling the chair like I was racing a dozen other women for it and it was an all out animalistic brawl to get it. Minus all the other women on this perfectly quiet and peaceful morning trip to HomeGoods. But that's how bad I wanted it and felt like I had really really scored!! 

HomeGoods home office

After finding THEE chair, I shopped around for the perfect home office finishing touches. I didn't set out to by a desk that day but when I saw this one, I loved its unique design and chrome finishes (which is a 2018 trend I am totally on board with). I love having the option to move the computer above or below the main desk because it creates a great space for homework and other projects when the computer is not needed! 

HomeGoods home office

But just simply finding the perfect desk and chair wasn't going to be enough to kick me out of this disorganized mess of a home office I had created. I had mail piling up on my desk, no where to hide my junk....I needed some functional containers.

HomeGoods home office
HomeGoods home office

I grabbed these drawers and mail organizer to help with the clutter. I specifically sought out a larger container that would fit nicely in the corner so I could hide a power strip behind it to control all the wires from poking out. 

I keep my external hard-drives, memory cards, and camera accessories in one drawer. The other drawer is saved to have a quick space to place projects I'm working on finishing. 

HomeGoods home office
HomeGoods home office

I love working from home and sharing my work on Instagram but here's the deal, when you work and live at home, it can be easy to let your home office get a little crazy. It's easy to put it on the back burner because I don't have co-workers who see it everyday. Unless you consider my kids my co-workers and God knows, they fully support messes!

HomeGoods home office

Creating a beautiful home office that I actually want to be in motivates me to keep organized. What about you!? What keeps you motivated in your work space? Let me know! I love hearing from you guys!

HomeGoods home office

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