Modern Rustic Dining Nook in the New House

Thank you All Modern for supplying products for this post!

Dining Room - Modern Rustic

Recently, I picked up Em Henderson's book "Styled". In it, she has a quiz to help you pin-point your true decor style. While it was enlightening, I didn't feel like it truly helped me define my style. I don't think I can fit into a box. I love so many styles. According to her quiz, I fit into the Hollywood Glam style. Don't get me wrong, I love that style, but it doesn't seem to reflect my home decor at all. I have a few pieces that are glam but overall, I find that I love collecting pieces of all different styles. She suggests finding one style that you can truly connect to and that will help your home be more fluid. So I guess the hunt continues to find my one true style. For now, I will continue to buy pieces that I love and see where that takes me.

All that to say, when we moved into this new home, I knew I wanted to start incorporating some modern style pieces into my decor. I've never used modern pieces before but felt compelled to try something new and mix it into my rustic/coastal/neautral spaces. See? I can't even define what I have with one word! Oh well!! lol 

Dining Room - Modern Rustic

I partnered with All Modern to accomplish the look I was going for. I knew I wanted to keep a rustic (almost farmhouse) look to a dining table. Something simple and understated so that my All Modern chairs would really stand out. I chose these Crackle chairs and Kartell ghost chairs from All Modern to set the stage for my "modern rustic" dining nook.

Dining Room - Modern Rustic
Dining Room - Modern Rustic

One thing you should know is that the first thing people say when they sit in these chairs is how suprisingly comfortable they are. And that is the most important part of decorating to me. I love pretty things but if it's not comfortable and inviting, it's simply not worth it! I wanted a space where people could come and sit at my table and not want to leave for hours - eating good food, sipping tasty wine, and having great conversation. 

Dining Room - Modern Rustic

To create the eclectic modern rustic look I was hoping for, I chose pieces that would compliment each other and add just enough contrast to make it interesting. The gold chandelier is from Arhaus and is simply a show stopping piece. 

Arhaus Chandelier, Modern Rustic Dining Nook

I was having the hardest time finding the perfect table. I wanted a rectangular table with wood on top and white legs. Specifically, I wanted this table from Restoration Hardware but I couldn't get myself to spend the money. I looked and looked and looked online at every table for 2 months and couldn't decide. One day I was out grocery shopping at Fred Meyer, and of all places, I came across this table. It had black legs but otherwise was the right size, shape and color I wanted. And it was only $200!!! No brainer! I picked up some white spray paint while I was their, distressed the legs a bit, and made the table work perfectly for this space. And to top it off, when I placed it in the room - it was a perfect color match to the crackle chairs!


Dining Nook - Modern Rustic

Next up, we added this GORGEOUS rug from Loloi Rugs. This is called the Chantilly rug from the Joanna Gaines Collection and I can not tell you how much I LOVE this rug! Not only is it super pretty and unique, but it is so durable. This rug takes a beating from the kids running over it, food dropping on it, and tons of traffic going in and out of the back doors to the dirty yard! You would think I would have to clean it all that time for it to look this pretty, but truth be told, I hardly ever clean it. I actually only vacuum it and I barely do that! Sounds gross right!? LOL but really, its just a very durable rug that is perfect for high traffic areas like this!

Modern Rustic Loloi Rugs

And clearly, its comfy because I can't take pictures of this room without my dog taking advantage of this comfy spot by the windows. 

For styling details, I wanted to add a touch of blue and brass all around the space to compliment the other side of this great room which has the living room (also dressed in touches of blue and gold. 

Dining Nook - Modern Rustic
Dining Nook - Modern Rustic
Dining Nook - Modern Rustic
Dining Nook - Modern Rustic

Now there is one major piece to this room that I haven't mentioned and that's because it was a last minute change we made to this room before I snapped these shots. And that is the plank wall! I went back and forth on what to do with this wall and finally decided we would plank it and paint it blue. But oh my gosh, I had soooo many friends and family try and stop me from painting it, that I finally gave in! This wall is what gives this room that rustic feel. And it was so easy! We simply picked up 3 boxes of vinyl floor planks in stony gray from the Home Decorators collection at Home Depot, used a little liquid nail glue, and a brad nail gun and we popped up these planks in no time at all. It was so easy - this was definitely a beginner DIY-ers dream project!  

If you're having trouble narrowing down your style like me, try mixing and matching contrasting styles. Modern and rustic is a great place to start. The two go together like peanut butter and jelly :)

If you love this room, let me know!! This little room of ours came out pretty close to what I had envisioned for it and I think it will be fun space to decorate and redecorate for the next few years! 

Here is a full list of sources below! Thanks for stopping by to see the new dining nook! I hope you enjoyed this post! 

Kartell ghost chairs: All Modern

Crackle chairs: All Modern

Farmhouse table: Fred Meyer

Rug: Loloi Rugs

Chandelier: Arhaus

Console table: World Market

Brass lamps and mirror: Target

Wall planks: Home Depot

Curtain Rods: Target

Curtains: Drop cloth (home depot)

Blue dishes: personal collection

Faux fiddle leaf tree: Fred Meyer

Stone and white vase: World Market

Blue bookends: Homegoods (similar item: One Kings Lane)