New Year, New House, New You

Guys! It's been ages since I've been on here. Im so sorry! As most of you know by now, we moved! Since last September, my husband was commuting 90 minutes each way to his new job and we felt like we were never seeing him. It was hard on the kids and me. We decided that it was time to move and we started house hunting back in November last year. We ended up buying a new build in January and it wasn't finished until March so it felt like a looooong process. I can't tell you enough how glad I am that that part of my life is over! It was a stressful year and busy and lonely to be quite honest. The whole moving process went fine but there were so many weeks that went by that I never saw my husband until it was time to go to bed and we really missed each other. Now we are closer to where he works and we have him home for dinner most nights and its honestly the BEST! 

I was also really excited to have a chance to decorate a new home and have a new side of my style come out. I was happy to be finally moving in and I had all these hopes that I would blog about it all right away but then reality set in and furniture never arrived and light fixtures got delayed and yadda yadda yadda. So I'm finally hopping on here now and just giving you a little look at the first room we started on: the master. Its not finished but I feel content with it so far! We started here because we had most of the pieces we wanted for this space already and I wanted a peaceful room to go rest in after long days of working on the new house! 

House of Five Master Bedroom

We used all the main pieces from our last home again in here but wanted to give it a fresh look. Instead of a more feminine and farmhouse chic look, I wanted to go more eclectic and bring in some color! I'd still love to paint the walls or do some molding but we have lots of time for that!

House of Five Master Bedroom

The room is centered with our Joss & Main Teagan bed (affiliate). We get LOTS of questions on this bed and I still absolutely recommend it! We have a CAL King and they are so hard to find pretty beds for that we were so pleased when we found this gem at Joss & Main.

House of Five Master Bedroom

The other key pieces are what I want to share with you today! We get lots of questions on these too so I thought I'd go into more detail with you today. We got the nightstands and our arched mirror from Birch Lane. These nightstands dress up the space just perfectly and are perfect for our small space because we need the extra storage. 

Birch Lane nightstands

These are the Quinlan nightstands in white. You can see they have some grain to them which gives them a beautiful texture. The double drawer is a great feature too because our house lacks a lot of storage so we use these deep drawers to hide the clutter. 

Birch Lane Nightstands

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me talk about what I like to keep on my nightstands. I love to make sure that the first things we see in the morning is something that makes us happy. I love keeping little moments on there or something special from someone we love. You can make it look more organized and special by using a tray to hold all your items.

If you love these nightstands, just look at all the matching set on Birch Lane - its simply beautiful!

Birch Lane Nightstands

Opposite of the bed is where we keep our full length arched mirror (the Dawson mirror from Birch Lane). This is a gorgeous accent piece that makes a big statement. We love using mirrors in our decorating because of the extra light it bounces into the rest of the room. 

Birch Lane arched mirror

I've been tempted to get a second one and put them on either side of the bed but for now I have the one and it's one of my favorite pieces in our entire home. I love what mirrors can do to a space and I always recommend using them when you have little to no natural light to help improve brightness in the room. 

Birch Lane has TONS of gorgeous mirrors. My favorite collection so far so don't skip shopping there if your are the hunt for a stunning mirror! 

Birch Lane Mirror

Can you see that I am trying to venture out of my all white and gray rut that I was in? I mean, there is NOTHING wrong with gray and white. Actually, its still my favorite, but I was feeling like I was ready for a little color so I guess its just baby steps for me!

I'm working on a guest bedroom right now and the colors are black and white and cornflower blue and I am loving it so far! Can't wait to show you more soon! 

Next plans for this room: new light fixture and wall treatment! 

If your are curious about the sources of a few accessories, I've listed them below:

Navy velvet pillows: World Market

Blue and pink lumbar pillow: TJ Maxx

Striped throw: H&M (unavailable, but see other similar throws below)

Rug: RugsUSA

Metal basket: Hobby Lobby

Curtain Rod: Target

Lamps: Lamps Plus

Juju hat (above bed): JuJuBoutik

Bedding: Boll & Branch


Shop the look here (affiliate):

I want to say thank you to Birch Lane for providing me with the pieces that I chose to really make this room beautiful and complete.