Visiting MacKenzie-Childs Headquarters: Behind the Scenes

Do you have a bucket list? I've never written one down but if I had, visiting Aurora New York - the home of MacKenzie-Childs headquarters would definitely be on that list! It's not just about visiting a business (because really, how fun does that sound?). It's so much more than that. There is a history behind this company that I have loved for so long. There is a magical and whimsical presence on the farm and it is in one of the most beautiful spots in the country - honestly! I can't wait to share our photos from the trip with you and help you understand why it was such a dream come true to visit this amazing place - MacKenzie-Childs

First let me tell you about my personal relationship with MacKenzie-Childs. I first was introduced to the brand when I was a young girl visiting my mom's cousins in Scottsdale, AZ. Gary was my mom's closest cousin and they had a very special bond. His wife, Ruthie, was very fun as well and had a taste for the finer things in life. And when you were with Gary and Ruthie, they treated you like royalty - driving around in fancy cars, sleeping in lush bedrooms, and dining with MacKenzie-Childs. Ruthie took us to a MacKenzie-Childs store and it was then that me, my mother, and my sister all fell in love with the style and magic of the brand. It was far out of our price range but that didn't stop us all from starting our collections when the timing was right. I remember the first MacKenzie-Childs gift my mother got from my father was this gorgeous glass cake dome - finished in 18K gold and hand painted roses. They still sell the same dome today. It was from that point on that each of us have created our own special collection. Over time we have gifted special pieces to each other for special occasions, holidays, birthdays, etc. There is a theme of gifting behind this brand and I think that is why I am so partial to loving it. It's not just a store you walk into and think, "yeah that's cute", its more than that. You walk in and immediately feel the love and detail behind every piece you look at. You see something and it reminds you of someone you have in your life that would love it. It makes you want to have a special reason to buy the piece and give it to that special person. It creates generosity. It creates memories and tradition. And it creates happiness! Which is funny because that's always what I hear people say - that it just makes them happy. And when I was in New York, I learned that making people happy with their pieces of art is truly what their main mission is! I'd say they are succeeding! 

I hope you see the joy in these behind-the-scenes photos of the trip and perhaps it sparks an interest for you to start your own collection. 

You can see why it was such an incredible trip for me - and one I never would have imagined I could attend. But there is more to the story than the pictures tell. There is a cult-following to MacKenzie-Childs and once you open that door to it, you see why. There is history behind this artisan company that came from nothing. There are trials and struggles that have helped them to grow and learn. There are employees who love this company with every bone in their body and it trickles down to the customer - you can feel it. Every piece is handmade and every detail is thought about. Nothing goes unnoticed and quality is something that is NEVER taken lightly. The ceramics are truly magical to watch from beginning to completion and it has triggered a new love of ceramics in my own life. Previously to coming to the the headquarters, I had only collected their enamel pieces but after watching every stroke of color be painted on these fragile pieces made by the hands of so many, I had to start my own collection of ceramics. 

I promise to share more about my styling and how I incorporate MacKenzie-Childs into my home decor soon. But I am so thankful for this opportunity and wanted to share these BTS photos with you first! Enjoy looking through some of my favorite personal items here: 

Thanks for stopping by the blog today - it means a lot (as always!).