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You know what I love most about Halloween? It's not the endless amounts of candy in the house (although that is pretty great). I love that our neighborhood comes together one day of the year, decking our front porches with pumpkins and goblins, and welcoming all the awesome neighborhood kids to come up for a treat. No tricks, scouts honor! 

We live in one big loop. It's a great place to trick-or-treat, probably the best in our town. It should come to no surprise that with all the traffic we get, all the neighbors get involved in the Halloween festivities. There is even a man a few houses up who serves freshly brewed beer from our local brewery for the parents. Doesn't get much better than that!

For our porch decor, I wanted the style to be classic Halloween with just enough "scare" to add a little fright to the night without causing tears in our sweet kids' eyes. When I popped into World Market and saw their perfectly scary decorations, I knew immediately that a spooky bird theme was for us. There is just something about a raven's deep black eyes and razor sharp beak that sends shivers down my spine. I envisioned crows and trees, branches and leaves, and of course a little candlelight to set the mood. Are you with me?!?

Before we go over the details, I want to give you the full experience as you walk up to our home. The same view our little trick-or-treaters will get come Halloween. So start here and take a peek at the video.

Are you feeling frightened yet!? Nothing is more spooky to me than crows - I really dislike them. I almost found it comical that my favorite store, World Market, had plenty of crow decor this year in the form of skeletons. It's like they just get me. Once I laid out the bales of hay, I started out by placing the crow skeletons in a 3-step design to spread them out. The heads and body are adjustable and they stick right into the hay. Easy peasy! 

World Market Halloween Decor-51.jpg

Next, I added the black candelabras and taper candles from World Market. They give it that haunted house feel that is just perfect! Bonus! I can totally use these beauties again for other occasions! BTW, the candles are lit for these photos only. I don't plan on putting any fires out this year :).

Next I added in these adorable flameless (and totally safe) crow candles for that awesome orange glow! They have a faint flicker that makes them look oh-so-real!

Originally, I was only going to use crows with my decor this year but when I saw these sweet mummy owls at World Market, I had to grab a few and add them in! For some reason, these little guys are what scare my 2 year old the most. Poor guy! He's just not ready for Halloween quite yet!

Halloween Decor WM-104.jpg

One of my favorite items I picked up this year was the LED black branches, another World Market find. These are so pretty in person and have subtle orange LED lights to give this space the right amount of lighting without having to use my bright porch light. 

To draw the eye up, I added Eddie. Eddie is the name I've given the large vulture you see hanging from the roof here. He peers down on the trick-or-treaters ready to snatch up any candy that gets left behind! But let's be honest, as long as I'm around there is no extra candy!

Now for his close up! Just look at those eyes!

For the door, I traded my autumn flowers for black feathers in my twig wreath and placed a World Market mummy owl looking down on our guests with those big round eyes. Behind the wreath, I placed a sparkling tree branch I picked up from World Market that glistens in the light.

Next, I found these skeletons. They are actually teradactyl skeletons but they definitely fit the bird theme and thought it would be a neat idea to hang them from real tree branches I collected after a big storm we had a few weeks back. 

The tree branches are spray painted with Krylon Looking Glass paint and the skeletons are attached with wire. We also used card stock to create crow silhouettes which we pinned to the trees with push pins. 

We covered any wires or pins with World Market Gauze and just hung it loosely and without too much thought. The gauze comes with holes and rips so it already has that creepy look without working too much with it!

World Market Halloween Decor-14.jpg

My last purchase was an obvious choice: the World Market crow doormat! Perfect last touch! Plus, it actually works really great at keeping our shoes clean! Function and form - can't beat it!

World Market Halloween Decor-56.jpg

I'm thrilled with the final look and it's got me all excited for October 31st!! Now I just need a costume. I'm seeing black feathers in my future ;). 

Find all these spooky items here: Scary Halloween Decorations

I'd love to hear from you in the comments and as always, feel free to pin your favorite images! 

I hope you found some inspiration for your front porch here. Wishing you a frightfully fun Halloween this year! 

Until next time!

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