Shop the House: Fall Living Room Makeover

I am all for redecorating and makeovers. Who doesn't love a good makeover?! Unfortunately, it's not always in the budget. We can't all run to Pottery Barn every time we are sick of our couch or end tables. Someday perhaps! For now I like to shop the house when I need a refresh. Shopping the house means you use what you already have to give a room a refresh by moving things from room to room. 

In this case, I wanted to give my whole house a refresh. Although I was able to move all the big pieces around in one day, it is not going to be a quick project and I'm not even sure I love it yet. It's going to take some time to tweak these new spaces in my home. I've left some corners a little bare in order to really spruce up one space and vice versa. And although I desperately wanted to avoid shopping for anything new, I think I will eventually need to in order to complete the look I have in my head for the new rooms. 

For today, I am sharing my living room fall makeover. There are a few new things you haven't seen yet and I did make one trip to my favorite store, World Market, just for a few minor items. 

First, I want to share the big statement piece because I am so excited about it! This beautiful sign is from Between You and Me Signs on Etsy. The shop owners are so wonderfully delightful and truly put love and care into each of their pieces. This sign is massive at 4 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide. So it definitely makes a big impact on this room. The words are taken from 1 Corinthians 13:4 and it is a reminder I truly need daily in my life. Without the perfect example of Jesus's love, I wouldn't be able to survive these challenging years with no sleep, fussy toddlers, and life's constant forks in the road. The words remind me to be patient with my children, forgive those who have wronged me, and to look to my heavenly Father for the love I need every day. It's amazing how these words just give me so much peace and I hope they do the same for you!

fall makeover living room-4.jpg

I wanted the sign to be the big centerpiece of the room so I moved my couch from this wall and placed my World Market Everett Foyer Table here. This is my favorite piece of furniture we have. It is so versatile and can basically work with anyone's style or layout. 

fall makeover living room-1.jpg

As far as styling the table, I wanted to add in some fall pops of color and textures. I hopped over to World Market to pick out those ridiculously real-looking red apples. My kids have only tried to bite into them oooohhh. . .  about 10 times since I placed them there.

Additionally, I picked up the four white plates above the lamps at World Market while I was there. When I first placed everything on the table, the walls seemed empty. I texted a few of my design friends for advice and I decided to go with the tip my friend Annie (Annie Anderson from @Zevyjoy) gave me and hung these plates to fill the space. I love the shape of these and I'm almost thinking I need a whole set now.

The blue candlesticks gave it that last pop of color I needed and I topped them with my World Market flameless candles. The table just looked a little stiff and cold to me so I added these two pillows from TJ Maxx I wasn't using for some coziness. I threw in a few of my decor items from other rooms I had including the handmade wood tray from Axel Co, the vintage picnic basket and jug, and the deer antler. These were the last touches I needed to get that fall vibe going. 

fall makeover living room-97.jpg

Little Rory exploring the apples and sneaking into my shoot. Like he always does!

fall makeover living room-39.jpg

Do you recognize the couch? It is the couch from our old playroom. It is actually a hand me down from my grandmother. We love it here and I think it will really be a great piece to decorate around for the holidays this year. The coffee table stayed in this room. It's from World Market a few years back and I absolutely love this piece. The kids like to sit on it and we do puzzles and card games here, so we keep it simple with no decor. I moved my shutters on either side and I love the texture it gives that wall space. The side chairs are from World Market and I adorned them with throw blankets and two fall pillows from Bows and Burlap

fall makeover living room-50.jpg

I like to keep my mantle pretty simple year round but for the fall makeover, I simply added these cinderella pumpkins and green vines. The clock didn't move from its old location. This beauty is from Pier1.

fall makeover living room-26.jpg

The beauty of shopping your home is that you really have to tune into your creative side. You have to search your home and see the items you already own in a new light. I was able to do this room makeover with just making a few small purchases and now the room feels ready for the holidays. I will probably change more things as I go and I am already gearing up for Christmas (I know, I know, it's only October). For now, the room feels on the right track. 

Here are a few more pics to share with you and let me know if you like the changes in the comments or chat with me on Instagram! Can't wait to hear from you! 

fall makeover living room-112.jpg
fall makeover living room-13.jpg
fall makeover living room-16.jpg
fall makeover living room-19.jpg