Simple and Easy Valentines Day Party Decor

Hi and welcome!! Thanks for stopping by today to see how we do Valentines Day parties in our house with our little ones! If you are here from Kristen's blog Ella Claire, I am so happy to have you! If you don't know, I am joining 10 ladies on a wonderful tour of Valentines Day party ideas - you can find the list of talented bloggers in its entirety down below! So hey, lets get started!

Valentines Day Easy Party

Let's get real today! Have you heard the term "Pinterest-moms"? Urban dictionary defines the term as "a mom that literally DIYs and crafts [expletive] everything". I would love to be a Pinterest mom. I even run a blog that occasionally pops up on Pinterest (to my own disbelief). In reality however, I am just not that mom. I don't make everything myself. I don't sew (I can't even repair a whole correctly). I let my kids eat store bought cake, and furthermore, I got a store bought cake for this post (SHAME) ;) Can you sense my sarcasm?

Please hear me on this, because I get that there can be a misunderstanding about blogger-moms, I love a good DIY, a baked from scratch recipe, and a DIY party but I'm a busy mama of 3 and I don't always have the time. And I don't feel guilty about it - not even one iota of guilt.  

I see the bloggers on Pinterest and Instagram who go above and beyond every-single-time. And I envy them! But sometimes (ok, most times) I like to keep it simple. There is beauty in simplicity and there is just as much love behind it whether you DIY it all or simply let someone else take care of it. I hope you feel comfortable here (because this is a safe place) to not be pressured into making every holiday, birthday, or anniversary a Pinterest miracle. 

So allllll that to say, I got my decor from Instagram shops, I used grocery store roses, I used plastic forks, and I bought a cake for this post and I am not ashamed of it. [High five mama!]

Valentines Dessert Idea and Party Decor

I love to decorate and I love to style my home for holidays, but by all means, I love things that are EASY even more. I love easy set up. I love easy tear down. I love easy to please desserts. And I especially love seeing the joy on my kids faces when we get to celebrate these fun and momentous occasions!

To get started, I knew I wanted a wonderful treat from one of my favorite cake shops - Nothing bundt Cakes. They are pretty much all over the U.S. but I got mine at the Mill Creek WA location. 

Valentines Day Bundt Cake

That is the red velvet bundt cake with cream cheese frosting. To answer your questions: Yes, its incredible and yes, its calorie free. Ok one of those things isn't true...

Here is a tip: If you want to buy a store bought or bakery cake, you can personalize it by adding some fresh flowers to your cake top and its instantly personal to you! I grabbed some pink roses and carnations from our local market.

Valentines Day Bundt Cake

Cute right?! And yes that is a plate on a ramekin. HA! We are packing things up right now (more on that later) and I couldn't find a cake stand. So I did a little improv! 

For the decor, I wanted to dress up our sideboard with a touch of Valentines Day spirit. My kids were so excited when they saw these sweet banners from Pearl & Jane. I'm pretty sure they associate all holiday decor with candy but either way, the decor gets them all revved up for the holiday.

Valentines Day Party Decor

Pearl & Jane sent over these felt garlands. The white one is similar to the felt ball garland I have in my daughter's room but this one has hearts mixed into it too! HOW STINKIN' CUTE! She also sent over the XOXO rose gold letters, the adorable sequin lips, and pink hearts. They are so creative and unique - I wish I could make these types of things. But alas I cannot - thank God for Pearl & Jane

Valentines Day Easy Simple Party Decor

I kept it all pretty simple and clean, and just moved over a few decor pieces to complete the look like that awesome juju hat from JuJuBoutik on the wall (still one of my favorite decor pieces I have) and the little wood angel wings because Valentines Day isn't complete without a cherub reference.

Simple and Easy Valentines Day Decor
Kids Valentines Day Party Decor
Simple and Easy Valentines Day Party Decor
Simple and Easy Valentines Day Party Decor

If you are wondering if we dared to eat red velvet cake around the living room - the answer is yes. And let me tell you how! We have this awesome mat* from a shop called Gathre. They make bonded leather mats that can be used for countless things - we love to use ours for indoor and outdoor picnics and beach trips. They make cleanup a breeze and they are so durable (plus they are gorgeous).

*We have the Blanc Maxi that can fit up to 10 people. 

Gathre leather mats for easy cleanup and picnics
Valentines Day and Gathre Blanket

My hope is to inspire you with this post by giving you (and me) a little grace. It's 100% ok to make life a little more easy sometimes. You can create adorable decor for a party or gathering and you don't always have to DIY it! And if you do DIY it, I bet it will be amazing! It's really the best of both worlds to try both sometimes! 

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