Closet Makeover!

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Hey friends! I am so glad you are here today so I can share this pretty amazing closet makeover with you!! If you've ever struggled with organizing a closet, this post is for you. And if you're anything like me, then you've definitely struggled! LOL. I wasn't exactly born with the skills to be clean and organized. I guess I am more of a cluttered person by nature but I do strive to be organized and put together so I think having a great closet that aids in a clean and organized lifestyle is a great way to start! 

We recently got to work with Modular Closets on this beautiful closet makeover in my parents recently remodeled home. And when I say beautiful, I mean it! I think Modular Closets really nailed the look and feel that any person desires for their closet. The wonderful thing about these modular pieces is that you can custom fit any style you would like. The modular pieces fit together perfectly to create a custom look that appears professionally done but you can easily DIY! 

Here is a before of the closet:

closet before.jpg

Yeah, nothing special. 

But, here is the after!!!

Modular Closet system

Can we all agree that this is 1000% better!? What I love about this closet makeover is how intentional each section of the closet is. We hand-picked each section to reflect the needs of the people using it. Using corner shelving on each side, there are no gaps and we are left only with a streamlined and complete custom closet. We started with the middle section. We wanted to create an area for hiding items you may not want out and in the open all the time so we chose the MODULAR CLOSETS WOOD SHELF TOWER CLOSET ORGANIZER SYSTEM WITH SOLID WOOD DOVETAIL DRAWERS   and the CLOSET SHELF UNIT DOORS. We added the hardware to the shiny finished drawers and doors and it created just the look we were hoping! 

Modular Closet System modular

If you are looking into a modular closet system and have a walk-in like this one, the corner shelves are key for making your closet look custom. The L-Shaped MODULAR CLOSET CORNER SHELVES connect the back and sides seamlessly. We left our shelves a little high and placed his and hers laundry baskets on either side for added convenience. 

Modular Closet System

Modular Closets have two options for handing rods. You can choose a double hang or a single rod hang for your longer pieces. We placed a double hanging rod and either side of the closet next to shelves with a single rod on either end. This created plenty of space of arranging tops, bottoms, and dresses or long jackets. 

Modular Closet System

Adding valet rods, belt organizers, and tie rods are an added bonus to creating your custom closet with Modular Closets. The valet rods create the perfect place to display your most used items or have a special place to steam your wrinkled blouse. 

Modular Closet System

And for the part that every woman loves (lets be honest): the shoe organizer! We used the MODULAR CLOSETS WOOD SHOE SHELF TOWER to create the perfect shoe wall. 

Modular Closets

Having a customized space for shoes is essential for keeping an organized closet. These shelves are easily moved to create the perfect height for all your shoes: flats, heels, boots, etc. 

Modular Closets

We didn't leave out the other side either! The opposite of the closet is the same except for the shelving unit in the middle is the standard MODULAR CLOSETS WOOD SHELF TOWER. We used these wider spaced shelves for folding jeans, storing shoes, and hats. 

Modular Closets

Some key things to note about this closet makeover was how easy it was to put together and install. Other than custom cutting the corner shelves to fit perfectly between the units, most of the closet comes easy assemble with no advanced DIY experience. We were impressed with the quality of the units and the sturdiness of the materials. The doors and drawers have a beautiful finish and an easy pop open feature in case you would rather have no hardware. There are endless options for creating the custom closet you want with how many options Modular Closets offer. They also offer free design if you'd rather a professional take on the task of designing your dream layout! Lastly, they offer FREE SHIPPING! It saves you a ton of money and you get your closet system fairly fast and at no cost to you! 

Modular Closets

Thanks for visiting the blog today! I am so glad you came by! I hope you say hi and let me know if you have any questions!