Some encouragement for my creative friends

Hey creatives, this one is for you.

Sometimes, my friends or family will tell me I am too hard on myself. Because often I think everything I do is just, well, CRAP. And I think they think that makes me sad or feel down. And it doesn't. It makes me feel inspired. 

I can create something or take photos or design a room and I stand back and look at it and only see its flaws and imperfections. But I've found that attitude doesn't really hold me back anymore. Sure, I get frustrated sometimes, but mostly I just tell myself to push harder. Do better next time. Try again. Start over. And I think that is part of the creative process. 

I have so many talented, beautiful, creative friends. But we often like to get together and dog on ourselves. We talk about how our homes look terrible, and our makeup could be better, maybe our photos could be crisper, maybe our crafts could be cooler. Whatever it is, it's never good enough. So if you are like me and my friends and you catch yourself feeling stuck because you know you have it in you to do better, I hope you watch this 2 minute video and realize that you are talented and becoming successful takes time. I hope you feel encouraged like I did. I hope you see this time in your life as one step closer to getting you to where you want to be.