Family Portraits and Instagram Friends

Have you ever met someone online? Furthermore, have you ever met someone online and knew that you immediately connected with that person? 

In most cases, people meet online to date, but in my world, I've met some very dear friends online through the home decor/blogger community on Instagram. Some of these girls I talk to daily! I got to meet one friend in particular recently when I travelled to her home town for a family vacation. Her name is Jasmine and you might know her from instagram as @conradhaven. Before we started chatting through Instagram and then later through text messaging, I knew I liked her and connected to her based on her photos alone. How funny is that!? I just loved her home decor style, she is a mom to two young kiddos, and she runs her own photography business. We were meant to be friends. One small problem, she lives in Arizona and I live in Washington. But we still keep in contact all the time and plan on seeing each other whenever we are in each others towns.

In October, we travelled to Arizona to celebrate my husbands birthday and spend time with his sister and brother in law, Jonelle and Eric, and also his sweet parents who just moved to Arizona this year. We had an amazing time celebrating his 32nd birthday at Whiskey Row in Scottsdale, spending time with our family, and soaking up the beautiful Arizona sun all weekend!  

While we were there, I finally got to meet Jasmine face to face AND had the honor of her taking our family portraits which were in dire need of updating! She did a beautiful job even in spite of my boys completely refusing to participate about 5 minutes after starting. Ha! Can't win them all! 

I thought I would share the photos from the shoot on the blog with you today and give you a deeper look at the family from the House of Five. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you give Jasmine a visit and say hello! You can find her on Instagram here and here! Who knows, maybe you will make a new friend!

Jasmine Amber Photography