Decorating with Tone on Tone

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Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

I have a really special post to share with you today. If you've been following me for awhile, you might know that when I started blogging we were renting my grandparents old home and it now belongs to my parents. They debated for a long time whether or not to sell it or keep it but if they were going to keep it, it needed to be remodeled. And I am so happy to report that they decided to keep it and remodel it. It's a whole new house now but with all the same old charm that I loved about it. Today, I am going to be sharing the master bedroom with you today but if you are interested in seeing the rest of the home, you can follow my mom on Instagram at @artisanalvintagehome

Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding
Before Shot

Here is a little "before" shot for you. Not bad, right? But it was lacking that peaceful-retreat feel!

And there is nothing that can make a bedroom feel more like a luxurious hotel retreat than luxury bedding. Luxury bedding like the bedding from Boll & Branch will instantly turn any bedroom into an oasis. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make your bedroom a luxurious retreat rather than the average everyday master bedroom!

Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

When I want a room to feel like a peaceful retreat, I always start with tonal decorating. A monochromatic room isn't loud and in your face - its quiet and calm just like a bedroom should be. Tone on tone color doesn't need to be tricky either. The key to making a room full of the same tones come together is using different textures and small variances in pattern. 

Ivory Master Bedroom Boll & Branch

For this bedding we chose different pieces from Boll & Branch in the same tones but varying textures to create a bed that is small on color but big on class! We chose the *NEW* Striped Duvet cover and King Shams in Ivory paired with the Pleated Sheet Set. The shadow stripes with the solid sheet set gives this tone on tone bedding the much needed dimension it was calling for. 

Ivory Master Bedroom with Boll and Branch

We added one of their beautiful Waffle Blankets to give it one more layer of texture and depth to this ivory oasis. The waffle blankets are just the right heaviness for warmer nights without your duvet or the extra layer you need in the winter months! In my opinion, the waffle blanket was the cherry on top to this whole look!

Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

There is no denying the comfort of Boll & Branch bedding - even Bella couldn't resist. 

BollandBranchIvory_8.jpgIvory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

I always recommend adding in a throw to your bed set that will help tie in the tones as well. We have white Hemmed Euro Shams and white drapes so we paired the white Cable Knit Throw on the end of the bed to help tie in the white tones sprinkled throughout the room. 

When you are pulling a room together that is tone on tone, small variations in color and depth are important to make it not look boring. You want a peaceful retreat but not a room with no personality. 

Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

When you decorate with tonal hues, you can play around with accessories and a bouquet of fresh flowers steals the show instead of getting lost in a sea of color. 

BollandBranchIvory_15.jpgIvory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

Tone on tone decorating should make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and at peace - just like Bella is perfectly demonstrating!

Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding
Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

If your bedroom is needing a facelift and you know you want something timeless and classic that you know you will love for a very long time...I think now is the time to invest in Boll & Branch. It's also a great time to buy because the bedroom could always use a little love around Valentine's Day. You can see their Valentine's Day Gift Guide here! Try starting your new bedroom look with the all new Ivory Striped Duvet. 

Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

Find this look from Boll & Branch here:

Ivory and White Monochromatic Bedroom with Boll and Branch Bedding

Shop more looks from this room here:

Paint Color: Sherwin Williams Natural Linen

Organizing my Home Office

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HomeGoods home office

I needed a good kick in the butt! 

Before Desk

No, hear me out. My desk and my workspace was such a mess for so long. When HomeGoods reached out and asked that I join in on an "organization" tour, I knew what had to be done. I needed to tackle my home office {insert scared face}.

We had this little desk in the corner of our guest room and it wasn't a space I wanted to be. So you can see that I would pile up things I needed to go through and then close the door and walk away! Truly, it was a disaster. 

I feel like my home office was the equivalent to Monica's closet from Friends. But I am here to tell you, that I have changed my ways and I am now.....drumroll, please...... ORGANIZED!

HomeGoods home office in living room

I went off to our local HomeGoods in Lynnwood, WA and I didn't quite know what I wanted to find. I was hoping to revamp my home office and knew they had wonderful selection of organizational containers, desk accessories, and furniture. 

HomeGoods home office

When spotted this velvet, tufted, and nailhead trimmed chair, I knew it was calling my name. Now imagine me in slow-motion running and tackling the chair like I was racing a dozen other women for it and it was an all out animalistic brawl to get it. Minus all the other women on this perfectly quiet and peaceful morning trip to HomeGoods. But that's how bad I wanted it and felt like I had really really scored!! 

HomeGoods home office

After finding THEE chair, I shopped around for the perfect home office finishing touches. I didn't set out to by a desk that day but when I saw this one, I loved its unique design and chrome finishes (which is a 2018 trend I am totally on board with). I love having the option to move the computer above or below the main desk because it creates a great space for homework and other projects when the computer is not needed! 

HomeGoods home office

But just simply finding the perfect desk and chair wasn't going to be enough to kick me out of this disorganized mess of a home office I had created. I had mail piling up on my desk, no where to hide my junk....I needed some functional containers.

HomeGoods home office
HomeGoods home office

I grabbed these drawers and mail organizer to help with the clutter. I specifically sought out a larger container that would fit nicely in the corner so I could hide a power strip behind it to control all the wires from poking out. 

I keep my external hard-drives, memory cards, and camera accessories in one drawer. The other drawer is saved to have a quick space to place projects I'm working on finishing. 

HomeGoods home office
HomeGoods home office

I love working from home and sharing my work on Instagram but here's the deal, when you work and live at home, it can be easy to let your home office get a little crazy. It's easy to put it on the back burner because I don't have co-workers who see it everyday. Unless you consider my kids my co-workers and God knows, they fully support messes!

HomeGoods home office

Creating a beautiful home office that I actually want to be in motivates me to keep organized. What about you!? What keeps you motivated in your work space? Let me know! I love hearing from you guys!

HomeGoods home office

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Holiday Style with Joss & Main

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Christmas decor with Joss and Main

Good morning friends! Happy Monday! I am sure by now you are well into holiday preparations. It's a busy time for us all so I will make this post short and sweet! 

Have you ever ordered furniture online to try and it's just not as great in person as you would have hoped? The cushion isn't comfy or the fabric isn't soft?! It's the worst! The products I am about to share with you are the OPPOSITE of that! I was actually blown away when the products I ordered arrived and I can without a doubt guarantee you will love them as much as I do! 

Christmas decor with Joss and Main

This room is always a work in progress for me. When we moved into this house, we were short furniture for this living room because our old living room furniture moved to the basement/playroom. I needed an accent chair to compliment our sofa and provide more seating for this area. When we moved our new Joss & Main Mason Arm Chair (available in tons more fabric options!!) into this space and I sat in it for the first time - I literally didn't want to move. This chair is quite possibly the comfiest chair I've ever sat in. It is really big, tall, plush, and you just sink right in. This is a high quality statement piece to any living room and I am beyond thrilled with how it turned out! Joss & Main made it easy for me to find the perfect chair for the right price! Find this Joss & Main arm chair here:

Christmas decor with Joss and Main

We also added this amazing large wall clock to this room. It is gorgeous! The gold, black, and white accents with just a hint of mint make this a beautiful statement piece for above the mantle! I also loved that it was light weight because when I've had heavy clocks above the fire place before, I never want to change the batteries or the time! Lazy people problems :). You can find this clock from Joss & Main here:

We threw this gorgeous and super cozy sheepskin rug over the chair for two reasons - its incredibly soft and adds a whole new level of comfort to this chair and also because it's a great way to protect the upholstery. The rug can be used in so many different ways. We've used it on our window seat, our bench, our boys room, and around the base of the tree! You can find this sheepskin runner at Joss and Main:

Christmas decor with Joss and Main

While shopping Joss & Main for my living room, I stumbled upon these beautiful berry wreaths. I love shopping their site because they really have it all: furniture, home decor, holiday accents, and tons more! We hung our wreaths on some 3m hooks with ribbon and gave our bare windows a little more style for Christmas!

Christmas decor with Joss and Main

Shop Joss & Main wreaths:

Christmas decor with Joss and Main

Everyone is loving the changes we've made to this room - even our scruffy pup.

Christmas decor with Joss and Main

As night falls, this room becomes extra cozy with the glow of the tree and the fire on. The stockings give the room some extra cheer as the kids anticipate Santa's arrival. I've received lots of questions on these stockings and who makes them. We ordered all our stockings this year from Joss & Main.

You can shop the Joss & Main stockings here:

Christmas decor with Joss and Main

Sometimes smalls changes like what we've done in here make a world of difference. When you want to do an update or you are looking for one special piece to add to your space, Joss & Main should be your first stop! I can't tell you how pleased we are with our pieces. 

Christmas decor with Joss and Main

Thank you so much for stopping by this post! As always, feel free to message me or ask any questions! Happy Holidays!

If you want to shop the entire room, find my sources here: