Christmas Home Tour: House of Five

Hey guys!

I wanted to write a post today specifically to join in on the fun that is the Holiday House Walk Party hosted by Jennifer Rizzo and Joss &  Main and also include my entry to participate next year! I love linking up with other bloggers and instagram friends and wanted to give it a shot! If you haven't stumbled upon the amazing 2015 house walk yet, here is your link:

Just be prepared to be blown away! My personal favorite is Susan's tour from Kindred Vintage. Her home is a dream! 

Ok ok ok, back to my humble abode. It's been a wonderful year of decorating my home. This is all pretty new to me. I started decorating my home last January and just thought I would take some photos of the process along the way. I was blown away by the outpouring of new friendships, support, and community I found in the Instagram world. I've learned a lot about my own personal style and where I want to take this new found (and well loved) hobby. 

The beautiful thing about Instagram and blogging is that all the amazing women (and a few pretty cool guys) who share their homes with us all are all so different. Some have large houses, some quite tiny. Some use tons of vivid colors, and others fascinate us with just white. I try to never compare myself to others because that is a losing battle. We all have our own special quirks that make our homes unique to us. We all have different talents and tastes and it makes it a melting pot of creative ideas and styles to be inspired by. 

I truly enjoy the process of making our house a home and sharing it with you. I wanted to take you through our Christmas decor this year from room to room. Let's start with our main living space, the living room...

If I had to describe my style of Christmas decor it would be classically vintage. I love decorating with snow and glitter, and the classic red and white tones you see throughout my tree. 

We created this hanging garland from a wine barrel ring and some fresh pine. 

You can see black and white checks throughout all my decor this room. Checks are a staple to my decor that I'm sure will always be with me as my style evolves and changes. I especially loved adding the chunky checked throw from Target to our holiday living room this year. 

The amazing Christmas sign is from my friends over at Between You & Me. They make beautiful pieces of art that I feel really lucky to have in my home. Oh and those little cuties on the tv belong to me ;)

The red bug has a special meaning to me as we now have the red 1968 bug that belonged to my grandfather. It's a special car to me with lots of memories. When I first saw that Craftberry Bush design, I had to have it! 

As you move along the house, the next room you'll find is our dining room. To be 100% honest with you, I had a project that I needed to photograph and this table was the best option for it but I had yet to decorate it for Christmas. I rummaged through our Christmas bin and moved some things around the house and whipped this up for the photo with plans to adjust it later. But I kinda fell in love with it! So it's here to stay!

As you can see, I carried the black and white checks into this room as well. All the furniture pieces are hand me downs that hold a special place in my heart. I painted each piece along with the Noel sign to match my personal style. 

Now come on down the hall with me to my bedroom. This is actually the first time I'm sharing this space with you decorated for Christmas. We've had this little artificial tree for a few years and although I decided to keep it simple, I actually love it. I love the romance it gives the room and now I'm thinking I need a tree in my room every year. 

I used fresh garland and furry stockings to dress the headboard and wow, it smells amazing! I haven't had a real tree since I was a little girl so the smell of pine brings back nostalgic, happy feelings! 

I recently moved our Love is Patient sign (another gorgeous piece from Between You & Me) from our living room to our bedroom and now I don't think I will be able to part with it after the holidays. What a beautiful reminder to wake up to every morning. 

The sweet pom throw is a favorite find from Joss & Main and I love throwing it in against my simple white linens. It just pops! 

And how absolutely adorable is that sheep body pillow? That is a custom piece my sweet friend Erin made me from Bows and Burlap. When you dream up a pillow in your head and your friend not only makes it for you, but outdoes your vision and hand delivers it to you, that will make a girl feel pretty happy! Thank you Erin! It's the perfect addition to this room!

Well there you have it, a little walk through our sweet little home. I hope you found something that inspired you and I hope that you can see how much love we share in this home. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas this year! Thanks for stopping by!