MacKenzie-Childs Trip with my Mom and Sis

I can't believe it was one month ago that I was in Aurora, NY with my mom and sister to visit  MacKenzie-Childs. I actually never thought that day would come - when all three of us were in Aurora together. It was always a bucket list item and we are so happy to report that we finally "courtly-checked" it off our lists! 

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MacKenzie-Childs has been a part of our lives for about 25 years. We have adored the brand ever since my mom got her first piece: the Striped Awning Cake Dome. My mom has inspired my sister and I to collect our own pieces for the past decade. All three of us have a deep love for Courtly Check and I've expanded my own collection to Flower Market and Taylor pieces as well. 

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You can imagine the excitement when I called to tell them I would be taking them to the MacKenzie-Childs headquarters. There was shock. There was some squealing. There was A LOT of happiness. We felt so blessed and lucky to be a part of this wonderful mother-daughter trip and so thankful to this amazing company for inviting us. What an honor! 

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We stayed in the GORGEOUS Rowland House - named and owned by Pleasant Rowland (founder of the American Girl doll!). 

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Table design by Fig & Twigs

Table design by Fig & Twigs

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We toured the lovely and inspiring MacKenzie-Childs farmhouse. This was my second time touring but my mom and sister's first time. We loved it so much, we toured it twice!!

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But my absolute favorite part of the trip is touring the production factory. I love seeing the artists at work and I love seeing creative people thriving in an environment like this. Rebecca Proctor, the Creative Director, is a ball of joy and enthusiasm and full of creativity and inspiration. She started off our tour with her big smile and a meet and greet. We walked through production learning about how pieces are made and hand painted and the care that goes into each unique piece made us fall in love with the brand even more than we already were! 

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It wasn't ALL business though! We got to do so many fun activities. Like this amazing flower class hosted by the incredibly talented Janice Morrow of Fig and Twigs in Newport Beach. 

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We also go the HUGE honor of painting our own MacKenzie-Childs serving platter! 

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We couldn't resist doing a little shopping too!  My sister finally bought the chair she has always wanted!


This is a shot of it in her living room! It arrived quickly and safe and sound and is sure to be a treasure in her home forever!

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I was so happy that I was able to experience this trip with my lovely mama. We are very close and I thank God for her everyday. I love that we can bond over our love for MacKenzie-Childs and home decor. If you want to know a little more about me and my sweet mom, watch this cute little clip that MacKenzie-Childs made for us from our trip!

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