Christmas Living Room 2018

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Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-42.jpg

I have a confession… I’m a Big. Huge. Utter. Thanksgiving decor skipper. I said it. I am sorry but once it’s November, I am ready for Christmas. Thanksgiving is nice and all - I love seeing my family and who doesn’t love good ole American Thanksgiving food!? You’d have to be crazy. But as long as I can remember, I love enjoying some turkey and pumpkin roll next to a twinkling tree. They really go together like peanut butter and jelly so November 1st, the tree is up and I have no shame.

Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-43.jpg

So here I am sharing a little early Christmas love on the blog and I hope you love it! I was inspired when I visited the MacKenzie-Childs headquarters last March and I toured the farmhouse. They had just remodeled the front living room and I fell in love with it. The colors, the mixed patterns, the softness - it was just beautiful. I spotted the Patisserie Stripe Pillow and I knew right then I wanted to incorporate the colors into my home this year. I thought Christmas would be the perfect time!

Photo of the MacKenzie-Childs Farmhouse March 2018

Photo of the MacKenzie-Childs Farmhouse March 2018

Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-30.jpg

Funny how one small pillow can inspire an entire holiday season of decor around here, but that is just how my brain works. I started thinking about how it had a Parisian look and feel and wanted to build from there. I began pulling together all the tones: aqua, pink, gold, and black and white of course.

I began with these beautiful ornaments from the Silver Lining Collection by MacKenzie-Childs that paired perfect with this year’s theme:

Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-45.jpg
Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-21.jpg

You can find all my tree trimmings here:

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Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-40.jpg

A slight change that made a big impact on this room was moving my gold window-pane mirrors to the window seat. To fill the corner, I used this beautiful Blushing Vase from MacKenzie-Childs with just a few flocked branches.

Mini trees are the simplest way to fill in holes in your room, I placed these mini trees in the new MacKenzie-Childs Silvered Check Glass Hurricane vases. I’ve moved these around a few times - they are so versatile and look gorgeous with twinkling lights or a large candle in them too!

Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-49.jpg
Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-48.jpg
Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-35.jpg

Moving across the room, this is MY corner. I love to sit here in between the twinkling tree and the warm fire with maybe a little one on my lap and a warm drink nearby. Finding those moments to sit by the fireplace and just enjoy this season is crucial in getting through a Pacific Northwest winter (brrrr).

Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-9.jpg

Of all the fireplaces I’ve decorated over the years in my home, this is my favorite mantel I think I’ve ever done. My actual mantel and fireplace (sans decor) is quite plain and simple. So when Christmas comes around, I love to fill it all up with the prettiest trimmings and details.

Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-12.jpg

If you remember last year’s Christmas, my classic red and green stockings just weren’t going to do the job this year so I went fancy with these gorgeous hand-beaded Silver Lining Stockings from MacKenzie-Childs. The beads reflect the tree lights and just sparkle beautifully. Another new addition is the gorgeous Silver Lining Wreath. The entire Silver Lining Collection is just stunning and a collection that any one of us can incorporate into any color scheme.

Parisian Christmas Tree Decor-10.jpg

Another little detail I love to add in corners of the home are bowls full of baubles and twinkling lights. Below I used one of my favorite pieces, the MacKenzie-Childs Cabbage Rose Serving Bowl with some mercury glass ornaments and lights. I think Lewis likes the ambiance too ;)

Parisian Christmas

I hope you have enjoyed taking a mini tour around my home today. I love this season if you can’t tell already and just want to share a little bit of my passion with you. I’m wishing you all a beautiful holiday season this year with lots of blessings and luck in the new year too!

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